The Information Technology Center was established in April 2006 to administer the computer systems for the university and to support the use of these facilities in education and research. The Center has three sections.

Database Administration Section
This section is transforming the existing information systems of the university using database technology in order to allow the information to be reused for various purposes. In March 2007, an IC card will offer university staff a single portal to access a unified university information system.
Course Management Systems Section
This section offers course management software such as Moodle and WebClass to support university education.
Network Management and Network Security Section
This section protects the university computer system from attack or illegal use.

Faculty & Staff Members

(Each name is shown in the order of the family name and the given name.)

Position Name
Director of the Center,
Assistant Chief Executive Officer
Matsuo Hiroshi
Chair of Database Section
Saito Shoichi
Associate Professor,
Chair of Network Security Section
Uchiya Takahiro
Associate Professor,
Chair of Course Management System Section
Funahashi Kenji
Professor Takumi Ichi
Associate Professor Matsui Toshihiro
Yamamoto Daisuke
Assistant Professor Itoh Hirotaka
Kajioka Shinsuke
Kakei Shouhei
Technical Specialist Hattori Hirofumi
Takaki Hiromu
Wakamatsu Shinzo
Ishimaru Hirokazu
Ohzone Yasuhiro
Sato Tomonori
Shimada Mitsuki
Takahashi Naoko
Motoshita Kaname
Hattori Takaya
Technical Staff Moriya Masanori
Staff Maeda Naoki
Office Manager Kawazoe Kazumi
Assistant Staff Teshirogi Satomi

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