"eduroam" is a wireless LAN interconnected system for academic research institutions such as universities etc. Researchers visiting NITech can use our "eduroam" wireless AP with an account issued from belonging institutions.

Service Area

  • 2nd Building B Wing 11th floor Lounge
  • 2nd Building C Wing 1st floor 0211
  • 2nd Building C Wing 3rd floor 0232
  • 4th Building 1st floor Hall (Large Meeting Room)
  • 4th Building 2nd floor Meeting Room 2
  • 4th Building 2nd floor Meeting Room 3
  • 19th Building 1st floor YUME Space
  • 23rd Building 1st floor 2311
  • 23rd Building 1st floor 2312
  • 51st Building 5111
  • 52nd Building 5211
  • 52nd Building 5213
  • 53rd Building 1st floor YUME Room
  • The University Hall 1st floor
  • The University Hall 2nd floor
  • NITech Hall 1st floor Entrance, Hall
  • NITech Hall 2nd floor Learning commons

Available connections

Communications of the following services are available at the above mentioned areas. Browsing websites limited for internal purposes and the library services for NITech staff are not available for visitors.HTTP,HTTPS,POP3,POP3S,IMAP4,IMAPS,SMTP,SMTPS,MSA,ICMP,PPTP,OpenVPN,SSH,IPSec NAT traversal,L2TP

How to use

  1. Please confirm whether your belonging institution join the "eduroam" service.
    Eduroam participants
  2. Please bring a device (a smartphone or a laptop) into the above listed areas and detect a wireless LAN signal (ESSID) for "eduroam".
  3. Please input necessary information for "eduroam" setting into your device.
    In case the device used the "eduroam" service previously at other places, re-setting is no more required.
  4. Please connect a wireless LAN "eduroam" and perform user authentication.
    For user authentication, an account information (user ID and password) issued from your belonging institution is required.
    A domain of your belonging institution should be included in a user ID.
  5. When you succeed in authentication, a wireless LAN connection will be established.
    Please run a web browser and confirm external connections.

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